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top picture: why Gundam Unicorn sucks

bottom picture: why Gundam Unicorn owns

if unicorn doesn’t end with riddhe and banagher wearing fedoras and watching mlp in the banshee’s cockpit I will be sorely disappointed

The bad impression I got from Banagher from this scene in the first episode is the reason I don’t give a shit about Unicorn and I can’t wait for it to be over.

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They seriously waited until the second to last episode to revive this stupid love triangle?

Tired of this shit Mac.  Seriously, with the exception of a dark space elf, Basara has been practically asexual throughout the entire series and now he’s being shoe horned into a love triangle?

As many problems as Gundam has, you could learn a thing or two from them.

At least the dynamics are reversed this time.


The only character in the entire show who had any kind of decent character development and they killed him off first thing in the finale.

RIP Gamlin

EDIT: And then they brought him back miraculously-ish.  Damnit show.  Just 3 more episodes left.

With less than 10 episodes left, it occurs to me that I know what kind of a show Mac 7 is.  While my preference for pilots to pop-stars is well known, that isn’t to say I haven’t been able to enjoy the series (although frankly, if it wasn’t Macross, I probably would have dropped it long ago)  I’m pleasantly surprised by Gamlin in particular, who has had the only consistent character development and is much more enjoyable to watch than the actual main character.  Seeing Max and Milia was nice too, at first, until you see how cold and depressing their once legendary romance became (kind of the same way you don’t ever want to look up what happened to Han Solo and Princess Leia after the end of Star Wars).

As it stands I’ll probably never watch it again; frankly, the original Mac just has more of what I’m looking for, and while I don’t know for sure, I think Frontier also aimed for a balance closer to the original series, and I’m excited to jump into that next.  I guess 7 is just the odd ball in the franchise, like ZZ or G.  Still, I am interested in knowing what happens in all those movies.

I also have to say, and this is really the only thing I hold against the show (everything else I can accept as them trying something new/different, which is laudable), but 7 is hyper-sexualized, and it makes me a little ill.  Was it just the era in anime (90’s)?


"… what if I break a plate again?"
"That’s okay too. It’s your job to make mistakes. But don’t lie. Okay?"


"… what if I break a plate again?"

"That’s okay too. It’s your job to make mistakes. But don’t lie. Okay?"


recommended manga --  liar game by shinobu kaitani

"All of you believe that the Liar Game is all about rewarding the best liar, don’t you? Well, I sure don’t. I believe that the Liar Game…is all about conquering that desire within you to lie and succumb to your greed. It’s a game that tests whether or not you can remain an honest and upright individual." — Kanzaki Nao

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YukikazeAuthor: Chōhei Kambayashi
Translator: Neil Nadelman
U.S. publisher: Viz Media
ISBN: 9781421532554
Released: January 2010
Original release: 1984
Awards: Seiun Award

Chōhei Kambayashi is an award-winning, well-respected, and popular author of science fiction in Japan. His novel Yukikazeis one of his best known works and has even been adapted into a short anime series. It is also his first book to…

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This popped up on my dash recently and considering the plot sounded like it could have been ripped straight from Macross (which I’ve been watching a lot of lately), I figured I’d stick it on my reading list and pass it on.

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